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Custom Stickers Cheap & Quality Guarantee

Free Design

Free Design

Professional artwork with unlimited revisions

Easy Creation

Easy Creation

Friendly and all-round design tool is online

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

FREE Shipping to US / CA / UK / AU etc.

Enjoyable Shopping

Enjoyable Shopping

Worry-free returns, thoughtful service

Fine Custom Round Labels Will Be Your Next Promo Leaflet

Summer Round Labels

Round labels can add varied details to the product or product packaging such as bags, bottles, boxes, jars, and more. Personalized circle labels allow people to instantly make an impression of your product across a range of products. Our cost-effective custom printable vinyl round label stickers are waterproof, UV-resistant, tear-resistant, and will leave no glue, which can better help your branding and promotion.

Just click a button and enter our custom labels design system. You can easily customize your  personalized round label stickers. Our team will provide you with full service from ordering to receiving, to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our custom round labels, which is something we have been pursuing for a long time.

Why choose custom round labels from

Smooth Surface

Stay Sticky on Any Smooth Surface

In and Outdoor

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Water and Oil proof

Waterproof and Oil Resistant

Permanent Marker Available

Permanent Marker Available

no size limit

No Size Limit

Easy to Tear with No Residue

Easy to Tear with No Residue

Tips for Customizing Round Labels

Add Bleed Area for Round Labels

Add Bleed Area

Bleed area means adding a correction area to the edge of the design. This reserved area ensures the integrity of the design so that the pattern on your custom round labels template can be perfectly preserved.

Reserve Appropriate Boundary

Leaving Blank Space

The smaller the blank space, the fuller the pattern will be on the custom label, which affects the transmission of information. If you want to highlight your design on the custom label, leave an appropriate blank space.

Avoid Too Many Circles

Avoid Too Many Circles

Multiple small circles of the same shape in a circle label can be visually tiring, so avoid designing circles in your round labels. Figure out the focus point of your design and make your brand logo and content clear and vivid.

Special Materials Printing

Kraft Paper Labels

Kraft Paper Labels

Holographic Labels

Holographic Labels

Fluorscent Labels

Fluorescent Labels

Foil Labels

Foil Labels

Pearlescent Labels

Pearlescent Labels

Metallic Labels

Metallic Labels

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How many custom round labels can I order at one time?

    A: Our cheap custom round label stickers have no MOQ, so you can place your order with relief. But with our price settings, the more custom round printable labels you order, the more cost-effective the final price. So in fact, buying large quantities of custom circle labels will save you more money.

  • Q: How to make round label stickers?

    A: We provide you with a convenient custom label design system. You can upload your logo or image online, or start your design using the round label templates and elements we provide. Once the design is complete, you can submit and place your order, and we will do the rest for you. Then the only thing you need to do is to wait a few days to receive your desired high-quality custom round labels.

  • Q: What if I quit while personalizing round labels in the design system?

    A: As long as you have a personal account on our website and are logged in, we will automatically save your custom round label design draft when you operate the design system. Then the next time you log in, you can find your unfinished custom label design and edit it again.

  • Q: What is the quality of your custom round labels?

    A: Our cheap custom round vinyl label stickers are very cost-effective. They are waterproof, UV-proof, oil-proof, easy to tear without residue, and will not be damaged or fall off for 3-5 years under natural conditions.

  • Q: Are your custom round printable labels really good for 3-5 years?

    A: Yes, in the right natural environment, our custom labels can be used for 3 to 5 years. But if the custom round label stickers are often used outdoors in harsh environments, its service life will be greatly shortened.

Why Choose Round Labels from



Custom round labels can be used in packaging, production, retail, and other industries. It can also be used as a branding tool, and your ingenious label design may be eye-catching.


Free Templates

With our convenient custom label design system, you can not only upload image files but also provide a variety of circular label templates. You can choose your favorite to freely create personalized round labels.

Intimate service

Intimate Service

Our customer service staffs will always be ready to answer your questions. From picking labels to receiving goods, you can come to any questions in the process, we will do our best to bring you the best customer experience.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

We not only do not charge shipping fees but also allow you to receive your desired custom round labels within 2-5 days under normal circumstances, ensuring the speed of shipping.

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