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Free Design

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Easy Creation

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Wine Die Cut Labels

Customize Die Cut Labels Cheap Online

Using custom die cut labels on your products and promotional items is the cheapest and most effective way to quickly promote your brand and get a lot of exposure in a short amount of time. Our die-cut labels are not only waterproof, oil-resistant, and durable, but also not limited by a fixed shape. You can use it on any bottle, jar, box, food, candle, soap, clothing, etc., and the personalized design is sure to stand out from the crowd!

Choose, enter our custom labels design system, just a few steps, determine the style and size you want, edit the design pattern and text you want, and you can easily get your customized die-cut labels. Then you can contact our professional customer service and let them convey your specific requirements to the designer to ensure the final print effect.

Application of Custom Die Cut Labels

Food and Drink
Food and Drink Die Cut Labels

Food and Drink

Custom die cut labels often appear on the packaging of products that can display information about the brand and the product.

Daily Necessities
Daily Necessities Die Cut Labels

Daily Necessities

Because custom die cut vinyl labels can resist water, oil stains, moisture, or chemicals in the storage environment of daily necessities and have a long service life.

Industrial Product
Industrial Product Die Cut Labels

Industrial Products

The flexibility of custom die cut labels allow them to adapt to different shapes and sizes of industrial products, so they are often used for the packaging of many industries products.

Car labels


In addition to the common fields mentioned above, custom die cut logo labels are also suitable for a variety of fields such as pharmaceuticals, baking, and automobiles. Whatever your special needs, can make a fine and cheap custom die cut labels for you.

Special Materials Printing

Kraft Paper Custom Labels

Kraft Paper Labels

Holographic Custom Labels

Holographic Labels

Fluorescent Custom Labels

Fluorescent Labels

Foil Custom Labels

Foil Labels

Pearlscent Custom Labels

Pearlescent Labels

Metallic Custom Labels

Metallic Labels

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I design irregular shapes for my die cut labels?

    A: Of course, there is no shape limit on custom die cut labels.

  • Q: What custom labels are available for outdoor use?

    A: White vinyl is both waterproof and UV resistant, making it the best choice for making custom logo label stickers for use outdoors.

  • Q: Can custom die cut labels be printed on label rolls?

    A: Yes, we offer many different styles of custom die cut roll labels for you to choose, including clear, square, round, rectangle, oval, etc., we can also offer you die cut label sheets.

  • Q: What are the different appearance options for custom die cut label surface design?

    A: The options we offer for your custom die cut labels are:
    1. Highlights: Highlight surfaces are more suitable for colorful designs. You can also amplify the color sense of your design by opting for a glossy finish.
    2. Matte: The surface of the custom label is matte. Perfect for a minimalist, understated design.
    3. Uncoated: natural paper texture appearance, the color of the customized label itself remains unchanged.

  • Q: How long will it take to receive my order after I place an order for custom die cut labels?

    A: Your custom die cut label stickers will be received in a minimum of 2 to 5 days after the customer approves the label proof. But the delivery time may also depend on some uncertainties such as delivery location, logistics situation, order quantity, etc.

Why Choose Custom Die Cut Labels from

Any Shape

No Shape Restrictions

Whether it's square, round, oval, or irregular, die cut labels are available as long as they fit your design needs!

Peel Off Easily

Easy to Tear Off

To remove our custom vinyl label, it can be easily separated from the object without any damage or residue.

Long Service Life

Long Service Life

Our custom label stickers are made of high-quality vinyl. The average service life is 3-5 years without fading or loss of tack.

Small-batch Custom Labels

Small-batch Orders

We are a factory-direct manufacturer of custom labels, so you can trust our service and quality, and order with a small batch of custom labels.

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