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Custom Stickers Cheap & Quality Guarantee

Free Design

Free Design

Professional artwork with unlimited revisions

Easy Creation

Easy Creation

Friendly and all-round design tool is online

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

FREE Shipping to US / CA / UK / AU etc.

Enjoyable Shopping

Enjoyable Shopping

Worry-free returns, thoughtful service

Creat Custom Oval Labels for your Business

Wine Custom Oval Labels For Wine

Use Excellent Oval Labels for The Brand

Make beautiful oval sticker labels for brands, product packaging, projects, and events. Oval stickers with smooth lines make the target objects more eye-catching and make them a one-of-a-kind custom item. Impressive printable oval labels can be printed both vertically and horizontally, fully customizable to your needs.

Easily Design Oval Personalized Labels Online

We provide a wide variety of oval sticker templates, and you can use all the excellent templates for free on our online design tool and see a live preview. Our professional design team will offer you free oval label design services. So, it's easy whether you want to do it yourself or get the artwork with us.

Order With Confidence To Order Custom Oval Labels

Oval Labels Concern
Oval Labels Concern


I am concerned that the custom oval stickers I received will not match my design.

Our Solution

Don't worry, our designers will make your proof exactly according to your needs. We will not go into the production of your custom oval stickers without your review and approval.

Oval Labels Concern
Oval Labels Concern


I am concerned if the color of the ellipse labels is accurate.

Our Solution

We produce all oval sticky labels strictly according to CMYK color standards. And we have our own factory, experienced workers, and superior printing technology, so there is no need to worry about the quality of labels.

Oval Labels Concern
Oval Labels Concern


I am concerned that the oval labels you produce are not easy to peel off.

Our Solution

We use advanced cutting technology to create custom oval labels, whether it is roll labels, or single sheet labels, which can be peeled off from the backing paper easier and better.

How to Obtain A Perfect Oval Label

How To Get Good Quality Oval Labels?

Custom Oval Label Material

Oval Label Material

Choose different materials according to different needs. If it is a usual indoor label, you can choose common materials. For outdoor use, custom sticker labels made of vinyl are the best choice. This sticker is waterproof, oil-proof, high-temperature and tear-resistant, more durable than ordinary sticker labels, and has a wider range of use cases. Therefore, the vinyl custom oval label is suitable for variable indoor and outdoor uses. Particularly suitable as permanent labels and tracking labels to oval labels for printing clear and long-lasting information.

Size of Custom Oval Labels

Size of Oval Labels

To make the label fit the target item better, choose an oval label of the appropriate size. Not only can it fill in enough information, but it can also keep beautiful.

Color Labels vs Clear Labels

Color Labels VS Clear Labels

Regular color oval labels are more commonly used, and the rich color printing possibilities make the target object more prominent. And there is no color restriction, which makes it more designable, and makes your oval shaped label more attractive.

Clear oval labels have no background color, making the pattern and information appear to be printed directly on the target object. This also allows people to see the original appearance of the object under the premise of affixing a custom label, because it will not be blocked, and the object can be better displayed. Especially suitable for sticking to the glass.

Personalized Food Custom Oval Labels
Adhesive for Custom Oval Labels

Adhesive for Oval Labels

We use high-quality adhesive material to make oval stickers labels. This allows our labels to stick firmly and tear without leaving marks. Of course, you can also choose different bonding methods according to different needs, we provide front stickers, back stickers, electrostatic stickers, etc.

Surface Effect of the Custom Oval Labels

Surface Effect of the Oval Labels

The elegant matte finish oval labels are more suitable for sticking on metal, plastic, and cardboard. Not overwhelming, but the good presentation of information.

Stylish glossy finish oval labels are more decorative, making graphics and messages more visible. High-gloss materials with professional coatings are slightly more expensive than matte materials.

Special Materials for Custom Oval Labels

Kraft Paper Stickers Labels

Kraft Paper Labels

Holographic Stickers Labels

Holographic Labels

Fluorescent Stickers Labels

Fluorescent Labels

Foil Stickers Labels

Foil Labels

Pearlescent Stickers Labels

Pearlescent Labels

Metallic Stickers Labels

Metallic Labels

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can my oval label have a border?

    A: Of course, custom oval labels are completely free to design according to your needs. If you encounter any questions or difficulties in the design process, our designers can give you professional advice for free.

  • Q: Do you offer the free oval label template?

    A: Yes, you can use the oval sticker template in our online design tool, they are all for free.

  • Q:  What is "bleed" in oval label design?

    A: Bleeding is when elliptical labels are printed, extending the background color beyond the edges of the label. This can avoid accidental cutting of the original pattern during cutting, which is a measure to ensure the paste effect. We generally recommend that customers reserve a 3mm bleeding area. If you have any questions during design, you can always consult us.

  • Q:  Can the custom oval labels you produce be written?

    A: Yes, you can use permanent markers and ballpoint pens to write on our produced custom oval stickers.

  • Q: Are your custom oval labels waterproof?

    A:  Yes. Our custom oval labels are made with high-quality materials and advanced technology, they are not only waterproof, oil-proof, high-temperature resistant, but also tear-resistant. It also keeps in good shape in outdoor weather.

Why Choose Oval Labels From

High Quality Guaranteed Of Labels

High Quality Guaranteed

Our oval labels are made of high quality vinyl material, advanced printing technology, and cutting technology. Not easy to fade and tear off no residue. Can be used for 5 years with confidence.

Usage Of Oval Labels

Usage Of Oval Labels

Custom oval labels can be used for outer packaging, brand logos, information prompts, etc. It can be printed vertically or horizontally, suitable for both a private party and a public place. Many use methods to meet your various needs.

Various Customization Options

Various customize

You can choose to upload your artwork directly on our website and the designer will refine it and send it back to you for approval. The second way is that you can choose our preset templates that support minor modifications. Lastly, you can freely design your labels in our online design tool.

No Minimum Order Quantity

No Minimum

We support minimum order quantities of 1 piece or 1 roll of oval labels. We offer free shipping on both large and small orders. You can also contact us if you have urgent needs.

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