How to Use Clear Labels?

clean the surface

Clean the Surface

Keep the target surface clean and free from dust, water stains, and grease. You can clean the surface of the target object with soapy water, then dry the target area with a clean soft cloth. This will give the best paste results.
paste clear labels

Paste Clear Labels

We recommend peeling from the edge of the custom sticker label to maintain the full appearance of the label. It is better if you wear thin and lint-free gloves during the procedure, as you can avoid fingerprints on the transparent labels. Then, stick to the surface of the target object starting from the edge of the label.
flatten the surface of the label

Flatten the Surface of the Label

If small air bubbles or creases appear during the application process, you can gently scratch the surface of the clear label with a harder card (such as a credit card). This will assist you to get a flat and smooth paste effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How durable are the clear printed labels produced by you?
    A: The clear waterproof labels we make are oil-resistant, tear-resistant, and high-temperature resistant, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They are very durable. You can use them on washable drinking glasses or glass jars.
  • Q: Which adhesive is used to make clear labels?
    A: All of our custom clear labels are made with durable permanent adhesives. And tear off the label, no residual.
  • Q: Can I write on custom clear sticker labels?
    A: Yes, you can write smoothly on custom clear labels with permanent markers or ballpoint pens.
  • Q: Do you provide custom clear labels on rolls?
    A: Yes, we are a professional clear label maker that provides clear stickers in many styles including clear die cut labels, rectangle, square, and round clear labels. You want custom sticker labels we have it all.
  • Q: What are your custom clear labels’ advantages?
    A: We offer free design and free shipping to every customer. Also, all custom clear labels are sold at factory-direct prices because we have our own factory. Finally, there is no minimum order quantity so you can place your order as needed.
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